Gaining my independence again.

November 12, 2015

I remember this night very clearly, I wanted to try and see if I could put my shirt on myself without calling my mom in from the other room to help me. This was very soon after rehab and I was tired of relying on other people to help me get dressed. So I scooted onto my wheelchair, went to my closet and got my shirt. I struggled for a painful 20 minutes to put on the shirt and after I had finally gotten it on, I broke down crying. I had come to the realization; that something I had been doing for most of my life was now extremely difficult. I was so angry and upset, so I decided to record to share what I was feeling with others and so that I could eventually look back at this video and see how far I had come. I thought it was really important to show how emotional I was, and how something I did everyday without a single thought had become so difficult, So that anyone out there that may be going through a similar situation or something they are struggling with to know that the feelings of anger and tiredness are okay, and that there is no right way to deal or cope with what you are going through and you never should have to hide your emotions with a fake smile which I did from time to time, because I was afraid that I wasn't being strong enough for everyone.

I remember when I uploaded this video onto YouTube, I got a lot of comments saying that I was faking. That I was just acting and wasn't really upset. I decided at the time to lock the video, so that it couldn't be seen by anyone but me, but I decided to unlock it today so that I could showcase that even in that moment, when I was angry and upset that I finally put on that shirt and I never thought I would be able to put on my own clothes again. What I'm saying is that, no matter how impossible things may seem, you can always find a way to accomplish what you really want for yourself, even if its not in the most conventional way or the way you pictured yourself doing it originally.

I uploaded that video 3 years ago, and now looking back on it; I've done so many things that I never thought I would be able to do! Now I'm sewing, I'm actually sewing my own dresses without hands! I never thought in a million years that I would ever be doing something like this. I don't believe in limitations anymore, and I hope that you guys never allow anything to limit you either!

                                                    (Here is a video of me sewing!)



  1. Simply amazing cousin ! You brightened my day :)

  2. Simply amazing cousin ! You brightened my day :)

  3. Hi, I tried to friend u on facebook, but it looks like u aint been on there in years! Just wanted to throw some light & love your way!


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