Inspired by Fairies!!

February 11, 2016

 Hey Guys!!! I wanted to update you about the dress I've been making recently, I'm finally done!! I think it looks exactly how I pictured it!! Its really amazing to see things that you have thought about or pictured come to life! I've been really inspired by vintage lace and the 70's bohemian vibe and fairies (as weird as that sounds.) also Stevie Nicks. I really love lace and this was my first time working with it. I have always loved the bat-wing sleeves on different dresses that I've seen, it looks so beautiful and flowy it kind of reminds me of fairy wings! The purple and lilac make it look more light and delicate, I'm glad I added the lilac underneath instead of the black! I especially love the color of this purple lace! I had a lot of fun making it, and I will definitely make more 70's inspired designs!

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