Being able to draw again!

December 7, 2015

I never thought I would be able to pick up a pencil, let alone actually draw! I actually got inspired to draw again after I had tried going to a local fashion college and was turned away, I went to the admissions office and they doubted that I could do everything that was required in class even though I told them that I had been taking sewing classes for two years. They wrote down my name and said I should look into other avenues to pursue my career. I felt down on myself for a while and I started to doubt myself, it was incredibly frustrating that I wasn't even taken seriously and the school wasn't willing to work with me. I had always been drawing as a teenager and making my own creations, so I decided that I was going to draw again, I wanted to prove that even though I had no hands that I was capable of doing it but in my own way and the next time someone started to doubt me, I would have proof that I could do it! Of course I didn't end up going back to the school, if they weren't willing to look past my disability then they weren't worth my time. If anyone is doubting anything that you are pursuing in your life, then who cares! If they aren't supporting or encouraging you, then you definitely don't need them. You do what's best for you.

(The puppies name is Abby, I don't have her anymore unfortunately I had to give her away.)

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